A few members have decided to leave TF91 however many of us do not wish to disband the group of people we managed to get over the years TF91 has been alive. the majority of remaining members are on this team speak drop by if you wish to stay apart of this group of people or see whats going on, the decision is yours.


to fill you in a bit further we have switched to a new name and server to avoid any complications with past account holders. all are welcome back hope to see you all again.

        Capt. B.Jorgensen

Posted By: B.Jorgensen
Date: Mon October, 13, 2014
I'm posting this for klasson, since he's unable to post it himself. I want to make it very clear that I've got nothing to do with the following:

So last night Task force 91 was disbanded, as it stands now we have a ts server and the box until the 26th of december.

Tonight (12th of october) at 4pm EST, we gonna have a meeting and i would like as many of the remaining members to show up. At the meeting we gonna decide what were going to do with the remaining members, some of us wants to start up a new unit so we can continue to play arma 3 as a unit.

So be at the meeting tonight.

Cpl J. Klasson

Posted By: M. Smith
Date: Sun October, 12, 2014
Gentlemen, we're back.

In the Private S1 forums there is a call back list. Please fill out appropriate details so the proper steps towards re-opening Task Force 91 as a strict milsim unit may commence. Further info will be posted in 1st Battalion forums.

G. Roy + Staff

Posted By: G. Roy
Date: Tue September, 30, 2014
Gentlemen, here's the deal:

We need some new sweet graphics to represent the unit to the outside world, just like the pictures we have made a while back, which can be found here in our BI thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148732-Task-Force-91-(TF91)-MilSim-Unit

Here's the skinny:

Design a piece/pieces of digital art that can be used to promote the unit online.


  • Image/Images must be of a high enough quality and size as to properly represent the unit. This means no pictures with the dimension of 200*300 pixels

  • Image/Images must not contain anything that could be considered offensive content as judged by the majority of Cstaff

  • Cstaff holds the right to decline your submission given that the submission is not up to a standard set internally by M. Smith

  • You must use your own content! We will decline anyone's submission if we find out that they've stolen parts of their images

  • Cstaff holds the right to not pick any winners given that the submissions not up to a standard set internally by M. Smith

  • You're allowed to pick any style that you wish, i.e. Minimalistic, Retro, Futuristic, Grungry and so on.

The contest will run for approximately 1 week from today and when we feel we've gotten the vast majority of the submission, we will close the contest. The closing of the contest will be announced 24 hours in advance of the actual closing.

"What do I get out of it?" is what I hear you asking. There's 25 dollars for the winner of the contest, or a steam game of similar value.

Lastly, for any additional information about the contest that is not covered in this news post, feel free to ask me.

Get to it gentlemen!

Posted By: M. Smith
Date: Tue September, 23, 2014
All hands,

Please note that we now have a standardized calendar where Command Staff will be posting our schedule and updating regularly through the S-Shop CO. Use this link to navigate to the Reader version of the calendar, and make sure to bookmark it. The calendar itself is set using Eastern Standard Time, but it can be changed to your time zone by using the relevant option in the top right. Teamleaders, c/staff members, and s-shop members who need this calendar updated can do so by contacting any member of Command Staff.

Posted By: G. Roy
Date: Mon September, 22, 2014

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